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Quality Sleep Education

Following our initial consultation, we will discuss and agree the best way forward for
you. This depends entirely on your unique situation and set of challenges. But it may
well be based around one of the following packages.

Phone/Skype/FaceTime consultation – £345

This support is suitable for parents of babies over five months old. We will begin with a 45 minute in-depth consultation to discuss your child’s sleep problems and most importantly, an effective way of resolving them. I will then create a manageable and personalised sleep plan for you to implement immediately.

We’ll then have a follow up 20-minute session to discuss the results, and I will be able to offer additional advice to resolve any continued issues. You’ll also receive 14 days of email
support so we can ensure the sleep success continues and that you are doing well.

Home consultation – £425

I will come to visit you in the comfort of your home for up to two hours to help you identify all the sleep issues you’re experiencing and to resolve these problems by developing healthy sleep associations. Together we will formulate a manageable sleep plan for you to follow and get you on the road to sleep success. We’ll also connect by email over the following 14 days so we can keep everything on track. This is important even if you have an overnight success, so I can ensure that you continue to do well.

Understanding sleep - £325

Would you like to understand and establish good habits from the beginning? Are you struggling to implement the plans you had? Or maybe you have an older child and would like help understanding and resolving the common sleep problems they often encounter. If so, I can offer you an online or home consultation where I can share with you my knowledge, experience and scientific approach to infant and child sleep. 

Newborn home visits – £800 (travel costs may also apply)

Sadly, there isn’t always enough postnatal support for new parents – or the most personalised care given. So, let me be there to guide you through those first important stages with one-hour visits at your home at newborn, 6 week, 12 week and 16 weeks. I will gently guide you through feeding (breast or bottle), help with
equipment, growth spurts, routine and any sleep challenges you're experiencing. Each time I visit, you’ll receive an advice plan and a follow-up call to see how you’re getting on.

Overnight stay (1 night) - £475

I will be there at your child’s bedtime until the next morning, helping you through the night to correct poor sleep habits and teach you how to implement better techniques that help promote healthy sleep. You’ll have me on hand to support you through these testing times and give you the confidence to maintain your sleep programme. I
will provide you with a manageable, tailor-made sleep plan for you to follow and seven days of email support to keep you on track.

24 hour home visit and ongoing email support – £595 (travel costs may also apply)

As well as being on hand for daytime naps, I will help structure out feeding and sleeping routines. I will also spend the first night with you to put the plan into place and stay for the next day to carry it through. This is great for parents who are feeling anxious and need that extra bit of guidance. You’ll also receive seven days of email
support so we can ensure the sleep success continues.
Please book a complimentary consultation with me, I would love to hear from you
Dawn Grey Infant Sleep Consulting
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