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10 tips to successfully manage the clocks going back

10 tips to successfully manage the clocks going back

When the clocks go back, or forward, it’s natural that your baby’s sleep will be disturbed. But it doesn’t necessarily mean a permanent change. By implementing a few simple strategies, it’s possible that you can enjoy the days to come – without any anxiety and the need of extra coffee! 

Here’s how…

1. The day before the clocks change, have a lovely energetic day with lots of fresh air.

2. Keep your baby’s room darker so that they are unaware of the change in light outside. 

3. Try not to give an overly long afternoon nap to allow for sleep pressure to build sufficiently for bedtime. 

4. If you have an early riser, have a nap in the day or go to bed earlier yourself.

5. The temperature is changing as well as the times, so think about an extra layer of clothing or a slightly thicker blanket or sleeping bag.

6. Stick to your normal bedtime routine the night before so baby knows it’s time to settle after their bath, bottle or book.

7. As we know that the digestive system has a huge impact on sleep, you might want to try a slightly later or increased feed.

8. You could also slowly shift bedtime by 10 or 15 minutes leading up to the day in question but… 

9. Don’t panic – any disruption will be temporary and even if you choose to do nothing, your baby will naturally adapt over the following days. 

10. If your baby is struggling with the transition and it’s negatively affecting you and your family, please ask for help. 

The best advice I can give is to do what feels most natural to you and your baby, try not to change too much and be kind to yourself over the coming days. This too shall pass! 

I’m available to help you if you if you need any extra support and advice. Please call me on 07756 701 322 or email info@dawngreyinfantsleepconsulting and we’ll get through this together. 

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